Miasino: a journey through beeches, monasteries, and… a dive into the past!

Welcome to Miasino! And no, this isn’t the beginning of a fairy tale, but my personal experience in this small corner of Piedmont. I started from the B&B Seme di Faggio, a charming place right next to Villa Nigra. You know how it is, I like to start my trips with a touch of luxury, at least to delude myself into thinking I’m as rich and powerful as the Martelli family who built this splendid Renaissance villa.

The village of Miasino looks like it came straight out of a postcard or the set of a historical movie. Its cobbled streets and baroque facades are so well preserved that you expect a knight in armor to pop out at any moment. But no, no knight, just me and my tour guide, which for the record, is an app on my smartphone. Ah, modernity!

A walk through history and mystery

I start my day by visiting the parish church of San Rocco, designed in 1627 by the great Lombard architect Francesco M. Richino. It feels like I can hear his voice saying, “Look what I built!” And I, with all due respect, admire his work. The interior is a true treasure, with artworks that would make modern street artists pale. From the grassy churchyard, the view is breathtaking: beola roofs and the green hills of Vergante. Not a bad panorama, especially if you’re used to city traffic views.

Villa Nigra: a dive into the past  

Right next to Seme di Faggio is the famous Villa Nigra. And here, dear friends, I felt like a real Renaissance lady. The exterior frescoes are so beautiful that you feel like painting your apartment with some bucolic scene. But then you remember you can’t even draw a perfect circle. The villa was built by the Martelli family, who evidently knew how to spend their money.

The Cloistered Monastery: oasis of peace… and curiosity  

Not far from the villa, there’s a cloistered monastery inhabited by Augustinian nuns. A place of silence and meditation. But, let’s face it, also of great curiosity. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live there, away from the world’s noise. And while imagining it, I wondered if they also use the tour guide app or if they have something more sophisticated.

Exploring trails of Miasino

The beauty of Miasino doesn’t end with the village. The trails branching out all around are truly wonderful. I walked through beech and chestnut woods, breathing the fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature. Every now and then, I expected to see a squirrel come up to me with a sign saying, “Welcome to Miasino!” (hmm… maybe I’ve watched too many cartoons).

But it’s not just the woods that make these trails special. It’s the chance to spot deer and various types of birds. I, with the patience of a child in a candy store, stopped every five minutes trying to spot some animal. And I was lucky enough to see a deer! Such an elegant creature that made me feel clumsy just walking.

Miasino is a little gem, a journey back in time offering tranquility and natural beauty. It’s a place where you can forget the hustle and bustle of modern life for a while and immerse yourself in a fascinating past. And if you really can’t detach from your smartphone, you can always use it to discover the hidden secrets of this enchanting village.