The Panorama Trail: walking on the rooftops of Miasino

Hello everyone, today I’m taking you on a rather special walk: the Panorama Trail in Miasino. A place where, after a nice spring drizzle, everything becomes clearer, not just because the air is cleaner, but perhaps also because the water washes away some of the cynicism that sometimes clouds our vision.

We start from the B&B Seme di Faggio and from the square of Miasino, which with its stone houses almost asks you to slow down and look around, as if time slips away differently here, more slowly.

Leaving the square, we begin to climb along the Panorama Trail. Don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not just a simple scenic walk. We are surrounded by flowering hedges that seem to shine with their own light, and the smell of the wet earth is so strong that it almost makes you forget you are only an hour’s drive from the city.

As we climb, the colors around us begin to become more vivid. It’s as if someone took a palette of colors and decided to paint every corner of the landscape. The wildflowers timidly open their petals to the reappearing sun, and everything seems to participate in a sort of springtime rebirth. And as we walk, every now and then the wind brings us the faint voice of the trees, which seem to have a lot to tell if you just stop to listen to them.

Finally, after one last bend, here we are at the climax of our path: the viewpoint. Before us stretches Lake Orta, clear and calm, reflecting the sky like a perfect mirror. From our elevated position, it almost feels like you can touch the mountains on the horizon, still slightly dusted with snow. Here time really stands still, and for a moment you can enjoy the tranquility and beauty that only nature can offer.

Leaning against the wall, looking at this panorama, I think that sometimes to find a bit of peace you don’t need to go too far, you just need to look at the world from a different perspective, a little higher, a little more panoramic. And Miasino, with its Panorama Trail, is just the right place to do that.

It’s time to head back to base: the B&B Seme di Faggio. So, this has been our walk today, a slow and relaxing journey that I hope has conveyed at least a piece of the serenity I felt. Don’t forget to leave some of the everyday frenzy at home the next time you decide to take such a walk, because here in Miasino, the panoramas and the whispers of the wind deserve all your attention. See you soon!