The Turquoise Ring of Ameno: a path that leads to harmony

Hello everyone! Today I’m literally dragging you into a new adventure. Get ready for a journey among jams, enchanted paths, and some reflections, because yes, today I am in a poetic mood.

The day starts here, at B&B Seme di Faggio, a place so peaceful that even the roosters avoid crowing too loudly so as not to disturb. After a night of restful sleep, I am welcomed by a breakfast that would make even the gods of Olympus pale. Fresh bread, homemade jams, and local cheeses: it’s like being at the wedding feast of a medieval king. As I eat, I think: “If they keep this up, I’ll have to go hiking by rolling.”

With a full stomach and a light heart, I set off on foot towards Piazza Marconi in Ameno, less than 2 km away. The walk is pleasant, almost idyllic, with little streets that seem straight out of an Impressionist painting. Arriving in Piazza Marconi, the nerve center of Ameno (which, for the record, has a pace of life that makes Milan nightlife look like a rave party), I stop for a moment to breathe in the atmosphere. From here, my adventure begins on my first trail of the famous Quadrifoglio. I follow the white and red signs with the words “Anello Azzurro,” feeling a bit like a poor man’s Indiana Jones: no hat and whip, just a water bottle and a lot of curiosity.

The path is easy and suitable for everyone, even for those who, like me, consider the couch an intimate friend. Perfect for a day in nature with family or friends, even with children in tow. Along the trail, I stop to admire some truly fascinating points of interest. I pass through the neo-Gothic park of  Tornielli Palace, which seems straight out of a Harry Potter book, and descend to the agricultural plain of Agogna, where time seems to have stood still. I walk through lush woods, green pastures, and marshy areas, encountering farms that seem taken from an episode of “Linea Verde.” The variety of the landscape is truly incredible and every corner hides a surprise, as if I were flipping through a pop-up fairy tale book, but with lots of cows. Among ancient mills and farmhouses, you can smell the scent of freshly cut grass and hear the song of birds. I then arrive at the picturesque Roman bridge, a real dive into history that makes me feel a bit like a time-traveling tourist.

I continue my walk through the farmhouses of Pezzasco, finally climbing to the center of Ameno via the ancient mule track of Santa Caterina. Each step brings me closer to completing this beautiful loop, which has given me unexpected emotions and beauties. And all this without even losing my breath, which for me is already a victory. But it’s not over yet! I will return soon to dedicate a special day to the Adventure Park Le Pigne, where I am awaited by routes of various difficulties immersed in a forest of chestnut, oak, and fir trees. It will be a perfect opportunity to have fun outdoors with the whole family and maybe discover I have a hidden Tarzan inside me (or maybe more Cita… but that’s okay too).

If you are looking for an authentic and relaxing experience, I recommend coming to B&B Seme di Faggio and experiencing this extraordinary hike. The Turquoise Ring of Ameno and all the wonders of the area await you. Until the next adventure, goodbye!